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All About
My Homeschool Bookstore

The Homeschool Bookstore was established in 2018. My vision and passion for the store is to help other families through their homeschool journeys, whether they are long-time homeschooling families or just beginning to homeschool. I love helping families with curriculum choices, lesson planning, and general guidance for their journey.  I love being there to lend an ear to listen or to be that voice of ease to remind them that it will all be ok, and you can do this.


 Our homeschool journey started when our children were little. I was homeschooled through the last few years of high school. My husband and I had a passion to home educate our children with a Christ-centered education. Throughout the years of our homeschooling, we too learned a lot. Not all our children had the same learning style, and not all our children learned from the same sets of curriculums. We had our trials of using several different curriculums to find the right fit for each of them, but we found which ones work for each of them. We recently just graduated our youngest.


 As we grew in our years of homeschooling, I always had a passion to be there to help others in their homeschool journey. In 2018 my passion became reality with my husband and I being able to open The Homeschool Bookstore in Stafford. It gives me much joy being able to help others through their journey of homeschooling, being able to guide those who are just starting their journey, and being able to encourage others to continue the journey they are on.

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